How do I care for my Wanda bamboo charcoal filter?
How long does it take to filter tap water?
How long will my filter last?
If my filter breaks, can I still use it?
My filter floats – is this OK?
How do I look after the filter if I am not using it?
Is bamboo charcoal dangerous if swallowed?
Can I add flavourings to my water when the filter is in?
How does bamboo help the environment?
How many filters do I need to achieve great tasting water?
Is my Wanda bamboo charcoal filter compostable?
Wanda bamboo filters vs binchotan filters
What is activated charcoal?
What is Moso Bamboo?


Where are the carafes produced?
How should I care for my carafe?
Do you sell separate parts?
What is borosilicate glass?
What if my carafe is broken?


Where are the water jars produced?
How should I care for my water jar?
Do you sell spare parts?
My water jar tap is leaking – what should I do?
What is borosilicate glass?
What if my jar is broken?
My Water Jar tap feels stiff when opening and closing it – what can I do?
How do I assemble my Water Jar tap?


Can I cancel my order?
Can I return my order?
How much does shipping cost – to the UK and the rest of the world?

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