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Tahani Anne C J

April 2021, TrustPilot

I ordered the 5L dispenser, and it works so much better than I had hoped! The refills are cheaper than my Brita 0.5L carafe, and it looks a lot nicer in the kitchen. Super simple to use, and the water tastes amazing.

Simone Talfourd

August 2020, TrustPilot

Great product, efficient, no plastic, and very easy to use.


March 2019, Amazon

I love the clean, fresh taste of the water and good for the planet too.


January 2021, TrustPilot

Lovely stylish jug looks great on the window still in the kitchen within easy reach.


June 2020, Instagram

It's amazing – so easy to use and setup, but the water tastes gorgeous! I can't describe it but I normally hate the taste of plain water – this tastes smoother, somehow?! So so so happy!!


March 2019, Amazon

I loved the water so much I'm on my third one! Pop into a glass pitcher and out pours beautiful clean water. I could not even think of going back to Brita! This product is an efficient and aesthetic advance on what has come before.

Vanessa Sangiorgio

September 2020, TrustPilot

Water never tasted better than this. I tried several water filter but nothing compared to the taste of the water produced by the charcoal filter! The carafe style is gorgeous and easy to use. 100% loved.

John Brown

September 2019, Amazon

Made my water taste less of chlorine and made water taste amazing. I'd recommend washing bamboo with brush before first use not just running water and leave in water at least 6-8 hours, 24 ideally. Makes tea taste as intended.


February 2019, Amazon

After leaving it in 1.2 L of water for just over an hour, I could taste a difference in the water. However, in the instructions it said the filter only lasts one month compared to some others which say 6 months, making it more expensive in the long run compared to other brands.